Dear Human:
You’ve got it all wrong.

You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. This is where you came from and where you’ll return.

You came here to learn personal love.
Universal love.
Messy love.
Sweaty Love.
Crazy love.
Broken love.
Whole love.
Infused with divinity.
Lived through the grace of stumbling.
Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up.

You didn’t come here to be perfect, you already are.

You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous.

And rising again into remembering.

But unconditional love? Stop telling that story.

Love in truth doesn’t need any adjectives.
It doesn’t require modifiers.
It doesn’t require the condition of perfection.

It only asks you to show up.
And do your best.
That you stay present and feel fully.
That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU.

Its enough.

It’s Plenty.


Courtney A. Walsh (via observando)

All I could remember afterwards was the smell of her skin. (Legături bolnăvicioase)

"From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people."

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Less than a month and I will be packing up and saying goodbye to this place that I have called home for the last year. I can’t say I am sad to leave, actually quite the opposite. I cannot wait to be done with this dissertation and this masters and leave this soul sucking university. But besides the tears wasted on school I have had an amazing, life changing experience. For one thing, I found the love of my life. One month and I will be moving in with him and starting a new chapter in my life. I just need the strength to finish this degree and move on because I cannot wait for this new beginning with him.